Red Stag, Wild Boar, Roe Buck & Chamois hunting in Austria

Exeptional Chamois, Red Stag and Roe Buck hunting in the Alps of Austria

Traditional Big Game hunting in Austria

As well as Hungary also Austria is a very traditional and well known hunting destination in Europe. This country offers 2 completely different hunting possibilities. You can hunt the rich plains of the Danube and of the Burgenland or the rough and high hunting areas in the Austrian Alps.

Danube Hunting Areas - The famous estate & free range hunting ground PUNITZWALD is located in Burgenland / Austria near the Hungarian border. The area has a size of about 8.000 acres and includes a 3900 acres estate hunting reserve. The vegetation is pine and oak forest land with many beautiful grassing lands and a fishing ponds inside the forest. The terrain is light hilly with a very good road network. The hunting area is well known and famous for big trophy Red Stags, Mouflon Rams and Fallow Deer. The trophy sizes of Red stags are between 7 kg up to over 16 kg , Fallow deer can grow up to a trophy of  4,5 kg. Big Mouflon Rams can reach a horn length of over 1 meter. Wild Boars have also trophy sizes up to 28cm. In this area we can hunt from stands and by walking & stalking. Driven hunting on Wild Boars and other big game is also possible. Hunting for: Red Stag, Fallow Stag, Wild Boar, Mouflon Ram and Roe Deer.

Driven Wild Boar hunting - We only do quality driven hunting in different areas in the Danube territory. For a successful hunt we need a group of 3-10 hunters, depending on the area. In our areas it is absolutely possible to shot about 50-80 boars / per group / per day. In some areas you can hunt next to Wild Boars for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Mouflon and Sika Deer. Everything is perfectly organized. The drive consists of 20-30 beaters, 5-10 dog handlers, a professional guide for every hunter, skinner, cook, waiter and traditional horn blowers. We normally organize 2-3 drives per hunting day. Between the drives we have lunch in the field. Come and join us for this adventure.

Alpine Hunting Areas - We offer hunting areas in the Alpine Mountains in the provinces of Carinthia and Styria with different size from 2000 up to 12.000 acres. All these areas are private owned and managed. The vegetation is mainly pine trees. The mountains top is grassland without rocks and easy to hunt for older hunters. The altitude varies from 1200 meters up to 3000 meters. Hunting is a walking and stalking and waiting at blinds. They are perfectly accessible through roads, and are completely developed with high seats and stalking paths. This areas offer some of the best Roe Deer, Chamois and Alpine Ibex hunting possibilities in Austria.

Accommodation - We offer a huge selection of different Castles, Manor Houses, Hunting Lodges or even very authentic mountain shelters for the different areas. They are all handpicked and equipped with everything you wish and need. Once you have selected your hunting area, we put together a list of the different Houses we offer and you select what you want. The pictures shown above, gives you an idea about the different possibilities. 


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different areas

Best for
Roe Deer, Red Deer, Wild Boar, Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Alpine Ibex, Chamois, Pheasant

Hunting season
June - February

Best time to go
September - January