Buffalo & Plains Game Hunting in West Tanzania

Hunt Big Buffalos, Lions and Plainsgame in Tanzania

Hunting Big Game in Western Tanzania

Deep in the intriguing and alluring heart of one of Africa’s last remaining, great wildernesses, Safari Royal by Mike Angelides, offers hunting experiences in the nostalgic style of the true, original African Safari. 

Safari Royal is family-operated and proudly Tanzanian, specializing in personalizing safaris wherein all details, from start to finish, are dealt with directly by Mike and his wife Helen, who have extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the Tanzania hunting industry.  Mike, a second generation professional hunter, became fully licensed in 1993 and has hunted exclusively in Tanzania ever since.   He is also very active in the hunting community, dedicated to avidly advocating for responsible, respectful hunting and effective conservation through well-regulated sustainable use.   He currently serves as the President of the African Professional Hunters Association.  


Safari Royal operates in Lukwati North Game Reserve and Piti West Game reserve, which encompasses of a total of 1086 square miles of unparalleled East African wilderness. These remarkable concessions comprise of remote, vast, miombo woodlands, dynamic flood plains, rugged rocky outcrops, and mountain ranges that are well-watered by numerous springs and smaller rivers, both seasonal and permanent. Varied, healthy ecosystems that support an impressive diversity of flora and fauna.  

Large herds of buffalo are year-round residents, as well as roan, greater kudu, eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi, klipspringer, bushbuck, zebra, and duiker. Both the presence of these prey species and the vitality and diversity of habitats also supports and produces outstanding lions and leopards. Hippos and crocodiles inhabit the waterways of this beautifully wild area as well.  Our areas are not only an exceptional place for game to inhabit, due to its assortment of landscapes, but it is also a treat for the hunter to hunt and explore, offering a multitude of possible experiences.  


The private and exclusive hunting camps lie nestled deep in the heart of the vast miombo forests of western Tanzania.  Secluded, truly wild settings that offer comfort and coolness in traditional and attractive style, with spacious, well-appointed insect proof tents, each including an outdoor desk area as well. Conveniently situated nearby is a large dining area, decorated with authentic Africana and complimented by additional lounge-style seating with a natural history/hunting library to enjoy.

Each tent’s comfortable beds are well-appointed with crisp linens and warm blankets, while solar powered electricity, accessory furniture, and wardrobe shelving welcome you to fully unpack and establish your own personalized residence for the duration of your safari.  En suite bathrooms replete with hot and cold showers and sinks ensure that you are refreshed after a proper day afield, and are rejuvenated for an inspiring start each morning.  

Although our main camp locations are dictated by permanent water sources, due to the expansive nature of our hunting concession, hunters are also offered the opportunity to experience a fly camp.  A simpler, more mobile option that allows for concentrating on pursuing a certain species or to explore sections of the hunting block that are largely untouched.   

An unforgettable, exclusive hunting adventures awaits you! 

Please contact us for an individual proposal. 

Hard Facts

Hunting Areas
2 Hunting Blocks, 1100 sq. miles 

Best for
Bufflao, Plainsgame, Lion 

Hunting season
June - October

Private Tent Camps


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