Kuban Tur and Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus

The best Dagestan & Kuban Tur and Chamois hunt in Russia & Azerbaijan!

Tur hunting in the rough Mountains of the Caucasus

The rugged Caucasus Mountains present a great challenge for the devoted mountain hunter, some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world and several unique species of big game are found there. It´s built by the autonomous republics of Krasnodar, Karachayevo-Cherkessiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, Severnaya Osetiya, Ingushetya, Chechnya, and Dagestan, all within the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan. We are hunting from both countries.

Hunts in these wild and primitive, regions are true mountain hunting adventures. Tented camps are the usual accommodations, horses the usual mode of travel. Long hikes in rough terrain are often necessary, so hunters much be physically fit and able to shoot well. The most important species of the Caucasus is the Tur, a large ibex, of which there are three varieties: The Dagestan Tur, the Kuban Tur and the Mid Caucasian Tur. Tur population is very strong there. It is not uncommon for hunters to see up to 150 rams a day. Average trophy is 33”-35” with some trophies up to 40” taken

The northern region of the Caucasus Mountains is famous for the excellent trophy quality of its red stags and wild boar, which are found in good numbers. These mountains are also home to the Caucasian chamois. The Tur hunt can be combined with a hunt for all of these species, as well as, with hunting for brown bear.

Expect extensive horseback riding, considerable walking and hiking. Some riding experience is a must. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains, examining the hillsides and feeding areas through the field glasses. A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Rams are generally located in very remote country at 3000 m. Once the trophy is spotted you complete your stalk on foot. Spike camps are used intensively in order to avoid the most difficult part of vertical hiking. They are set up at 8,500 - 9,000 feet / 2,700-3,000 m. It often happens that you spot rams right from a spike camp. Physical condition is an important factor for the stalking part of the hunt.

Accommodation - You will be accommodated in tented camps at 5,100 feet / 2,700 m. We use big comfortable tents with cots. Electric generator is used to provide lighting and charging. Shower is available.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Caucasus Mountains 

Best for
Tur, Chamois, Bear, Red Deer and Wild Boar

Hunting season
August - November

Best time to go
September - October


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Dagestan Tur Hunting