Driven Partridge shooting in Andalusia & Toledo - Spain

The best Walk Up Partridge shooting in Spain

Red Legged Partridge hunting in Spain

Partridge and Pheasant shooting in Spain is a unique experience. The different landscape, the huge amount of Birds, the climate, the Spanish hospitality and the great wines makes Wingshooting in Spain an unforgettable experience. We offer two great areas for Bird shooting in Spain – each is different but both are top notch.

The Castillo Ventosilla - Ventosilla is one of the most traditional and authentic hunting estates in Spain. It is also one of the most famous places for shooting high flying Partridge in Spain. In 1880 the first driven partridge shooting in Spain took place at "Ventosilla", organized by the Duke of Santoña with HRM King Alfonso XII. The setting of the estate is incomparable for partridge shooting. The estate is located on the banks of the River Tajo and Lake Castrejon in the geographical center of Spain, close to the Imperial city of Toledo. The marshy border of the lake and the river provide a beautiful landscape and excellent habitat for game, and gives a perfect spot for the best partridge shooting in Spain. The partridges are flushed off high hills to produce some stunning bird flights. The changing terrain and topography are by themselves, able to offer a great variety of drives ensuring top quality days of partridge shooting. Actually they offer more than 50 different drives. If guests require a different program we can tailor the schedule to fit our guests` requirements. We guarantee you will have unforgettable memories of your stay with us.

Las Lomas Estate – The Estate near Jerez in Andalusia offers the best mixed wild Pheasant and wild Red Legged Partridge driven shooting in Spain. It is the only place in Europe where you can shoot wild pheasants and wild partridges in the same driven shoots. With more than 9,000 wild hectares “Las Lomas” is the most emblematic partridge shooting estate in Spain. The drives at “Las Lomas” are all extraordinary as it is a very rich and beautiful estate with sowing’s lands, and forest. Thanks to this richness, every drive is different from the other, but all of them having in common its excellence. Pheasants and Partridges have an impressive flight though their wildness, they flight superbly. The hunting period for driven shoots takes place between mid of October to the end of December.

In Adalusia we can offer a very nice accommodation - a private Lodge for up to 9 guns.  

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Hunting Area
Different Areas in Spain

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Red Legged Partridge, Pheasant

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September - March

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September - March


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