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Trophy Ibex Hunting in Spain

Spain is a fantastic hunting Country. Here you can find all European Big Game species, but also the Spanish Ibex and some very interesting Goats like the Boc Balear. The climate and the available nutrition produce some really big Trophies. With our partner we are offering all 4 Ibex species. We have access to several areas all over Spain. Normally we are hunting 2 days. Accommodation is in charming and traditional small mountain Hotels with great food & wine and the famous Spanish hospitality. 

The Beceite Ibex is the largest type, with the largest trophy. Horns are very specific, big, ringed, open with a palm tree shape. The hunt takes place in the Maestrazgo area, which spreads over three Spanish provinces on North East Spain (Teruel, Castellón and Tarragona). The mountains are lime stone, pine tree forests, reaching up to 3.000 feet high. But very accessible thanks to lots of dirt roads available. Season goes from October to May, being rutting season (end November till December) the most convenient months for the hunt.

The Gredos Ibex is the second largest Ibex. Horns are usually lyre shaped, with a more pronounced curve and spiral in comparison to the rest of subspecies. It has also a much darker fur than other Ibex types. The hunt is done by stalking and from horseback in the Sierra de Gredos (northern and southern areas) about a 3 hour drive from Madrid. We are hunting in impressive granite stone mountains with an altitude that could go up to 7,000 feet. A magnificent scenario with a strong dencity Ibex to chose from. The rutting goes from November till end of December.

The South Eastern Ibex ( Sierra Nevada ) is a male with long horns and a remarkable backward curve. Usually rutting season starts earlier than in the north (end of October to November). Sierra Nevada’s Ibex is smaller and lighter than the northern species of Ibex, but bigger than the Ronda type. Its habitat is the amazing surroundings of the Sierra Nevada National Reserve, a rugged, extensive mountain range, which is the highest in Europe after the Alps. Altitude can go up to 9.000 feet. But the areas are quite accessible for most hunters since there are plenty of dirt roads. Just about 40 minutes’ drive from the beautiful city of Granada, makes this hunt the perfect opportunity to enjoy both hunting and sightseeing.

The Ronda Ibex is the smallest of the 4 types of Ibex and probably the most difficult to hunt, due to the smaller population compared to other species. Horns are resembling that of an Alpine ibex, V-shape with backward spiral, less turn and rather straight. Located in the south of Spain, in the Andalusian province of Malaga. Its habitat are forest areas, very steep lime stone mountains that sometimes may require some light climbing. The hunt is nicely challenging. Rutting going from end of October till November. Also a beautiful area to discover after the hunt, with amazing hotspots like Ronda, Seville or Cordoba nearby.

Special Hunt on huge Gredos Ibex

Gargantas de Gredos - This is one of the best free range hunting areas for the famous Gredos Ibex in Spain, covering an area of approximately 5.000 hectares and a perimeter of about 26 km in the heart of the Gredos Mountains. The elevation ranges from 560-2260 meters and the altitude variation of more than 1,700 meters between the peaks and the lowest areas allows the existence of multiple habitats: deciduous forest, holm oaks, broom area and heathland and alpine meadows, which generate internal migration of animals from one place to another, depending on the season. Stalking is the only technique used to hunt game here. The property has some roads to the lower lodges and the middle levels, but the rest of the area must be covered on foot or by mountain horses. Hunting period runs from 1st of September till end of April. The rut of the Capra starts from November till December.

The property has 2 luxury lodges in the lower area and 3 in the intermediate areas. All of them are very comfortable and staffed by servants and cooks. It also has 7 shelters at different altitudes where hunters and guides can spend the night if bad weather sets in.

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