Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear & Moose hunting in Alaska

Hunt huge Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear and Moose Bull in Alaska

Moose, Bear & Wolf hunting in Alaska

Welcome to Alaska, home to some of the finest big game hunting in North America and the world. With our partner you will experience one of the most dynamic and beautiful wilderness adventures of a lifetime. They have been in the guiding & outfitting business in Alaska for over 30 years, and their areas have produced many world record trophies. The hunts for Moose, Brown Bear, Grizzly and Black Bear are conducted in Western Alaska in Game Management Units 13 and 17. With roughly 15.000 square miles they cover a large part of Western Alaska and the Bristol Bay Region.

Bear Hunting - Some of the biggest bears killed in Alaska come from this region and we have a proven track record of personalized, first class trophy hunts. Trophy Sizes range between 8'-9½' with skulls that vary from 24”-28”+. Our historical success is 85%-100%, depending on the year and weather. During the fall season, the bears are at their heaviest weight. This is the time of year when the bears move from the salmon streams to the hillsides seeking succulent berries. Most fall brown / grizzly hunts are booked as a combo hunt with moose. We fly you to one of our remote spike camps, from which all hunting is done by walking from camp and glassing. We use the spot and stalk method almost exclusively. The bear density in our area is high. Expect to see numerous bears during your hunt.

Moose Hunting - We are serious about hunting and harvesting big Alaska Moose. For many years we have maintained 85-95% kill success with nearly 20% of them making record book entries. Alaska moose are the largest member of the deer family and carry the largest antlers of any species on the North American continent. Mature Alaska bull moose can weigh anywhere from 1,400 - 1,600 lbs. with antlers that spread 60-70"+. Each hunter hunts exclusively from their own camp for the entire season with no one else hunting in that area that year. On average, our hunters see and pass up 2-6 mature bulls before harvesting one and this does not include smaller bulls, cows or calves. During the rut, our primary hunting method is calling & raking, but we also do some spot and stalk. Please understand the big bulls aren't standing in the open like magazine articles make them out to be. They're here, all right, and they're big. But you have to work to get them. And being real patient becomes important. We can't emphasize it enough.

Winter Trapping Trips - We offer fully guided trapping tours in Southwest  Alaska  in February and March for hunting Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx, Fox, Marten, Ermine, Otter, Beaver, Muskrat, etc. These hunts are all 1X1 guided and a snow mobile will be provided for you to ride during your entire stay. You will spend the day running trails on the same routes of Alaska’s original trappers, with trap lines running 50 to 200 miles, depending on conditions. These hunts also include predator calling! We have vast areas that have gone untouched for generations, and we will push into these areas to increase the take! On this trip, you take home everything we harvest, and this will be lots of fur! This experience is very unique and one that won’t be forgotten.

The Camps - We use several different form of remote hunting camps, depending on what species we're hunting, time of year (spring or fall), and what specific part of our area we're hunting. At our main camp we have a fully-equipped cook tent with a table for 8, full time cook, big wall tents for hunters who choose to hunt from main camp and a hot shower. Each wall tent has its own wood burning stove, plenty of firewood, lots of matches, a cot with thick foam mattress, and propane lantern. Your spike camp has a large tent with floor, sleeping cots with mats, 2-burner propane Coleman stove, Coleman propane lantern, table, and basic camp gear along with more food than you can eat.

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Moose, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Wolverine

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April - September & February - March

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April - September & February - March


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