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Mountain Goat, Stone Sheep & Moose hunting in Canada

Thrilling hunt on Goat, Bear, Sheep & Moose in British Columbia

Moose and Stone Sheep Hunting in BC - Canada

Williston Lake is one of the premier hunting and fishing areas in British Columbia, located at the shore of Williston Lake in the northern part of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. In the 1.500 square miles territory, you will find the true Canadian wilderness, with the spectacular mountains, the deep valleys, rivers, creeks, waterfalls and not to forget the many quiet forest lakes.

Williston Lake Outfitters holds a strong population of most of the sought after big game in British Columbia; Moose, Elk, Mountain Goat, Stone Sheep, Wolf and Black Bear. With the vast variety of mountains, hills, lakes, creeks, cabins and out camps, we can customize your hunting adventure to accommodate your wishes and requirements, your physical capabilities and the weather conditions. Everything in consideration of the best options for harvesting your dream trophy.


Stone Sheep is one of the rarest animals in the world, only found in the northern regions of British Columbia and in the southern of Yukon. Besides the challenging way of hunting, the rarity of this specie makes the hunt for the Stone Sheep ram so sought after. This high-country animal is smart and very wary. Be prepared for some long-distance shooting! We will be hunting sheep from horseback, riding through the magnificent high mountains. Spending a lot of time behind binoculars, it is highly recommended that you bring as highest quality optics you can. Being in good physical condition will help you stalking the steep mountain sides.


The Black Bear is the most common bear in British Columbia, ranging from very far north, to the American border in south. We will be hunting bears by spotting and stalking. Williston Lake Outfitters have many areas that have been logged, and the spring grasses will start early in these areas. Perfect for hungry bears. We will spend lots of time watching logged areas with binoculars as well as looking for tracks and spoor with ATV.


Williston Lake Outfitters provides exiting hunts on the Canadian Moose in the very various hunting territory. They hunt the moose by either horses or ATV from remote camps or from spike camps. Your professional guide will take you on an adventure of a lifetime spotting, calling and stalking this majestic animal. The guide knows the good spots by and between our many lakes and creeks, where the moose bulls are crossing seeking for cows in the rut.


The hunt for the beautiful white Mountain Goat is one of the toughest and most challenging ones. The steep mountain sides at Williston Lake Outfitters are home for a good and strong population of that specie with 4-5 strong trophies taken every year. The horses are taking you as far out in the backcountry as they can. They set up spike camp in the valleys, and the glassing begins. Besides your professional guide, you will be accompanied by a wrangler. We recommend you to be in good physical condition as well as be prepared for long range shooting.


The fall hunt for the Elk is a big part of our adventures at Williston Lake Outfitters. The exciting hunt for elk begins in September, when the mating season is in full swing. We will be hunting elk by use of horses, ATV, boats ... whatever it takes. They have a good population of elk, with some very good trophy class animals.


They have a first-class lodge with all the amenities of home... except you don’t have to wash dishes after supper!!! All guests are invited to stay a day or two before the adventure begins, to relax and rest before going to your out camp. No matter your age, physical condition or any kind of needs; whether you prefer comfortable cabins or more rough living, Travis and his high skilled professional team will put in all efforts to meet your personal requirements and fulfill your Canadian wilderness dreams.

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