Grizzly, Stone Sheep & Moose hunting in British Columbia - Canada

Hunt Mountain Goat, Bear, Sheep & Moose in the Serengeti of British Columbia

Prime Hunting Area Scoope Lake in BC

Scoop Lake is the premier hunting and fishing area in North America. The region is often referred to as the "Serengetti of British Columbia" due to its abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities. Limited access (no roads) as well as sound wildlife management keep Scoop Lake like it was before European man set foot in the region. Nestled between the Cassiar and Rocky Mountains, it's the gateway to the Northern Rockies wilderness adventure of a lifetime. Only accessible by aircraft, this majestic land is 2.2 million hectares of protected green space providing the best hunting adventure available in North America.

In Scoop Lake you hunt all the mayor big game species of Canada: Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Elk, Caribou and Bear.

Scoop Lake is home to some of the largest populations of Stone’s Sheep in the province of British Columbia. Stone’s Sheep are primarily found in Northern B.C. The exclusive guide area encompasses 2,560,000 acres in the Cassiar Mountain Range. Scoop Lake Outfitters has successfully harvested 87% of its quota over the past ten years, with average horns of 37″ with bases of 14 1/2″. Their policy is to harvest only rams over 8 1/2 years in age. The season for Sheep hunting starts August 1st and ends October 15th.

The majestic white Mountain Goats are always thought of as being up on the pinnacles of the highest mountain tops. Scoop Lake is home to one of the largest goat populations in British Columbia. Most of the hunts are by horseback, from well-equipped and warm, comfortable cabins. You will spend a large portion of your time riding and glassing, and trying to get above your goat. At Scoop Lake, they hunt from August 25th to October 15th due to the fact that in the geographic location, Northern BC, the goats have excellent hair during this time of the year. The goats average 9-9 1/2 inches.

Rocky Mountain Elk was introduced to Scoop Lake in 1985. Since 1989 they have been having a modest harvest of 2- 4 elk in the 390 class with their average elk scoring 330-340 Boone and Crocket each season. You will not find any other area that produces as many good quality free range elk in BC. The season is September 1st-10th.

The Largest Canadian Moose are found in Northern British Columbia. Geographically speaking, the further north you go, the larger they get. Once you cross the Yukon border, they are Alaska Yukon Moose. The area is located 90 air miles from the Yukon border and 80 air miles from the nearest town or road. They hunt Moose from August 15th – October 15th. In the last years they have consistently produced many record book moose. Consistently 25-30% of the moose are Boone and Crocket. Over 90% make the SCI book. The moose average 50″+. All moose hunters hunt from warm, comfortable cabins with all the amenities. Most of the hunts are on horseback in the mountains.

Black Bear populations are average and most hunting occurs while hunting for other big game. True Mountain Grizzly Bears reside in Northern British Colombia, and Scoop Lake has an excellent population of silver tips. Hunting is very limited with the chance to harvest a 7 foot plus Bear being very high.

Mountain Cribou are found frequently in the high mountain areas, and they harvest trophy bulls every season. Caribou are best hunted as an opportunity animal as add on with Goat, Moose or Sheep. However they do book Caribou hunts and they do produce some 400 class bulls.

So come and hunt with us in the best hunting area for Stone Sheep, Yukon Moose and Bear in British Columbia - Canada.

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Hunting Area
Scoop Lake

Best for
Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Elk, Caribou and Bear.

Hunting season
August - October

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