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Big Game Hunting in Namibia

Antelopes and Leopard stalking in the Kalahari of Namibia

Plainsgame Hunting Namibia

My partners in Namibia are a family-run safari company with an impressive commitment to sustainable, ethical hunting practices, proven wildlife and habitat conservation efforts, stellar customer service and attention to every detail.

Situated in the wild expanses of Namibia, the two areas Kalakwa and Veronica offer the discerning hunter the experience of a lifetime in one of Namibia’s top rated lodges. The two game areas operates their trophy hunting on 148.000 acres ( 50.000 ha ) in a serene and natural environment of spectacular beauty and ranging from savanna grassland to rivers and mountains with an abundance of self-sustainable game of virtually all species inclusive of the rare Black Rhino.

The farms are home to interesting species such as the Caracal, Wildebeest, Cheetah, Brown Hyena, Giraffe, Leopard, Ostrich, Warthog and two species of Zebra. There are multiple antelope species inhabiting our farms, such as the Eland, Hartebeest, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Oryx, Roan, Sable, Springbuck, Waterbuck and more.

Veronica is set in a typical Kalahari savannah landscape with red dunes and majestic shepherd’s and camelthorn trees complementing the breathtaking surroundings. The main building and thatched roof chalets are superbly perched on the crest of a dune, so you’ll take in spectacular 360-degree views. Each of the twelve luxurious, fully air-conditioned en-suite chalets has its own spectacular view, which ensures privacy and a feeling of experiencing unspoiled Africa. 

Kalakwa offers landscapes ranging from savannah grasslands to bushveld and mountains. These diverse sceneries crowned with spectacular sunsets promise every visitor a taste of Africa at its finest. With hills, mountains, dry rivers and rock formations, every corner of this terrain is filled with life. The six spacious and luxurious en-suite thatched roof chalets are fully air-conditioned and the interiors breathe comfort and quality. The ambience of the main building and lapa epitomizes the African hunting experience.

Wing Shooting is a sophisticated pastime to have a pleasant day’s sport, and not an exercise in competitive one-upmanship as to who can kill the most birds. Our experienced guides will load the shotguns and provide advice during the shoot which makes this a very enjoyable outing for the hunters. Wing shooting is the art of hitting flying targets with a shotgun and occurs on a much more instinctive level. When shooting a rifle, there is usually time to adjust position and posture and to correct mistakes before they happen. With a shotgun, the situation differs. Once the quarry comes in to fly over the water, the hunter has seconds at most to shoulder and take aim. This activity is adrenaline charged and a fun activity to be shared with other friends and hunters, and chosen by many as a complimentary experience to other hunting.

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Hard Facts

Hunting Areas
Veronica & Kalakwa 148.000 acres 

Best for
Plains Game & Leopard 

Hunting season
February - November

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