Stunning Red Stag and Tahr Hunt in New Zealand

Hunting strong Red Stags and Tahr Bulls in South New Zealand

Tahr Bull Hunting in New Zealand

Rangitata High Country Hunting is a part of a large family-owned farming business. The farmlands span more than 200,000 acres, over 300 square miles of privately owned land in Te Waipounamu, New Zealand`s South Island. Wild game animals live throughout the properties and thrive in the surrounding mountain wilderness. The land is very diverse and ranges from low lying wetlands at sea level up to alpine peaks at over 6000ft high inland, including native forests, river valleys and open snow tussock. New Zealand has evolved through millennia as a land of birds and reptiles, free of any mammals. All Big Game that we see in New Zealand today have been introduced, mostly in the early days of European settlement.

Tahr Hunting 

One of these early arrivals, the Himalayan Tahr is so well adapted to the rugged terrain of the South Island High Country, it`s as if it`s a native of these high mountains of the South Pacific. Rangitata has long been a favourite habitat for the Tahr, the rugged land of towering peaks and alpine scree is perfect for their lifestyle of free solo mountaineering. The Tahr that live on our land are managed through hunting and along with our guests. We target bulls that are in excess of 8 years old with the average age being 9 yrs with 12 ½ “ horn length. We also take many female Tahr annually to maintain a healthy balance. All our hunting is done on foot by spot and stalk, the land lends itself to this method and has excellent road access to most of the areas up to 5500 ft where the Tahr live. Tahr can be hunted anytime however from mid-March their winter coats are well developed and from then until the end of August they make a beautiful trophy mount.

Red Stag Hunting

Red deer in New Zealand have a very interesting heritage, arriving from as early as 1851 from deer parks in England and from wild stock in Scotland, it took several attempts of liberation. 

Rangitata High Country Hunting has many herds of Red Deer spread right across our different properties. We manage the deer the same way as the Tahr, taking out the mature stags and keeping the number of females in check. Our aim is for our hunters to take mature stags over 8yrs old, the average antler size is 450 SCI, however stags up to and in excess of 500 SCI can be found on our properties. The red stag roar is from early March through to mid-April, though stags can be hunted through to the end of July or early August. They start to shed their antlers by the start of September. 

Fallow Stag Hunting

The first Fallow Deer arrived into New Zealand in 1864 from Richmond Park in Surry, England. Several more liberations arrived from 1867 including animals from mainland Australia and Tasmania. These animals where released in various parts of the country and adapted quickly to their new home. Now today you don`t have to travel too far to find Fallow Deer. Fallow are very adventurous and can turn up almost anywhere on our ground, right from the mountain tops down to the river valleys and throughout the farms. Often, the opportunity to take a nice buck is when it is least expected so it`s a good idea to give your guide the heads up that you would be interested should the opportunity literally, pop up.

The bucks rut during April to early May and during this time they become very aggressive and vocal. The scene of two fallow bucks engaged in battle during their rut is a savage event to witness.  


The Rangitata Lodge is an alpine hunting camp luxury. Up in the mountains, the hunting starts right from the front door, where Tahr and Red Deer can be seen from the lodge windows. Off the beaten track but equipped with all the comforts of home including our live in chef who provides a delicious menu of local cuisine from the early morning starts to the late evening return. 

The lodge has four warm comfortable double bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms and fine furnishings. Unlimited internet access lets you keep in contact and to send out photos of your adventure. Enjoy an evening drink in our lodge bar or beside the roaring log fire overlooking the Rangitata Valley. Or you can enjoy a therapeutic soak in our alpine spa watching the game animals grazing the hillside...

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