Kurgan - The biggest Siberian Roe Deer hunting in Russia

Hunt the biggest Siberian Roe Bucks in the World!

Siberian Roe Buck & Moose hunting in the Kurgan Region

Kurgan is home of the largest Siberian roe deer in the world with very strong population. This region also has huge forests and swamps with Wild Boar and very large European Moose. Siberian roe deer hunting is very popular in Russia. This hunting also attracts up to 100 -150 foreign hunters during last week of August and first week of September. We offer the best areas where all record trophies were taken and you still have a chance to take a new one. Five day hunt is recommended to take 2-3 bucks.

Hunting the Moose in the Kurgan area is quite interesting. European Moose have well developed antlers, often with decent palms that can weigh up to 44 pounds/ 20kg without the skull. European Moose from western Siberia are larger with more palmate antlers then those in European part of Russia.

All hunting is done on foot with transportation to the hunting area by jeeps. Spot-and-stalk is normally used; calling of roe deer bucks is also practiced there with a high degree success as well. Hunting area is easy. It is well developed agriculture area with a flat terrain.

Camps - The camps are comfortable hunting lodges, motels or cabins based on double occupancy with 2-4 hunters per camp. We have 6 different camps with possibility to accommodate up to 20 hunters at a time.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area

Best for
Siberian Roe Deer, Moose

Hunting season
25th August to 20th October

Best time to go
25th August to 15th September (Rut)

1st October to 15th October for Moose combination


Trophy Pictures