Breathtaking Monterias in Spain and Portugal

Hunt Red Stag, Fallow Stag, Mouflon and Wild Boar in Spain & Portugal

Traditional Monteria in Spain & Portugal

The traditional driven hunt known as Monteria is one of the most exciting hunts you can find in Spain. On this very special hunt you are hunting Red Stags, Fallow Stags, Mouflon, Wild Boars and Hinds. A number of "rehalas" (packs of hounds – sometimes up to 300) along with their respective "rehaleros" (unarmed beaters) are chasing the game in front of the waiting guns. Hunters are positioned on stands or peaks where they can cover some huge areas. Shooting distance is between 50-200 m. 

A normal line has between 10 – 20 guns. We are organizing only Monterias for smaller groups where the hunters know each other. This guarantees a very high standard and the maximum safety for the hunter.

The Hunt

A Monteria usually begins anywhere between 8-10 in the morning. With the first light of the day, the hunters arrive at the finca where a traditional breakfast of migas (a dish made from fried breadcrumbs and typically accompanied with a fried egg, green peppers, garlic and either chorizo, torreznos or both) is served.

After breakfast, the organizer gives a speech where he provides detailed information on the game quotas, species, genders and characteristics of animals that can be shot. Depending on the type of Monteria, the pegs will then be drawn randomly or previously adjudicated to each "montero". Hunters will then meet up with their respective "postores" and "armadas", to be led by them to their assigned shooting pegs.

Between 10-12 in the morning, and after every hunter is already in their peg, the release of dogs takes place. The dogs will scramble through the forest to force the game to leave their shelter and enter the hunting area.

Between 2-4 in the afternoon, the hunting is usually finished. Straight after this, the hunter must mark his kills. The hunters then return to the house to enjoy a warm meal. 

After a great Lunch at the Lodge and honouring the game and some nice drinks and stories you will return to the Lodge. After some relaxation and a nice dinner, you are prepared for the second day.

The Accommodation

During the hunt you will be accommodated in the Lodges of the hunting Estate. Enjoy the warm Spanish hospitality of the families, the great food and the superb wines of the different regions.

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Hard Facts

Hunting Areas
Different Areas Spain & Portugal

Best for
Red Stag, Mouflon, Fallow Stag & Wild Boar 

Hunting season
October - February

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