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Trophy Red Stag Stalking Scotland

Hunt Red & Sika Stags in the Scottish Highlands

Red and Sika Stag Hunting in Scotland

Hunting red stags in the Scottish highlands is one of the absolute classic European hunts. The diverse and dramatic natural environment of Scotland provides spectacular opportunities for the famous Red Stag hunting. The classic highland hunts of Scotland are both breathlessly exciting and physically challenging hunting in magnificent surroundings. But Scotland is much more than this! There is a richness of culture and a sense of tradition which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. 

We are pride to providing hunting in the Scottish Highlands for red stags and hinds as well as Sika Stags on traditional open hill estates. The hunts are tailored to your needs and for most budgets and our partners have many years of experience in providing stalking for several species.

Located between the magnificent Cairngorm and the mystical Monadhliath Mountain ranges you can enjoy an unrivalled hunting experience set amidst some of the most breath taking terrain in Great Britain. Our partners offer a variety of hunting and shooting options, from one day packages through to multi activity breaks lasting up to five days. We have access to almost 50 different estates.

The Hunting 

The stalking of a red deer stag is both challenging and unforgettable, a truly remarkable experience. Our stalking takes place on various estates most of which are within a 20 minute drive of Kingussie. All red deer are completely wild and are located on open moorland and mountainous terrain. The challenge of stalking over various types of terrain to achieve the final goal of having a stag within your sights lures many guests to us year after year.  

A Typical Day

Upon arrival on the estate you will be met by your stalker, usually around 0900 hours. you will be asked to shoot at a target to ensure that you comfortable with your rifle and that the rifle is accurate, targets are positioned usually at a distance of 100 metres.

Upon commencement of the hunt you will be accompanied at all times by an experienced stalker and occasionally a ghille. Your stalker will know where to locate your deer depending on wind direction and prevailing conditions.

When the deer are located the herd will consist of between 10 and 100 red deer, at this point your stalker will select a stag that, in his opinion, is suitable to be culled. At this point you and your stalker begin your final approach, this will usually involve crawling on the ground in order to avoid detection by the stag. Once you have reached a suitable distance from the group the selected stag will be described to you. When the target is standing correctly a shot can be taken. 


We make use of a wide range of tried and tested accommodation from cosy self-catering cottages, guesthouses and country hotels to traditional hunting lodges or sumptuous castles.

There is a residence to suit every budget. Accommodation is provided in a location which is convenient for chosen activities. It is also possible to select a multiple location trip, city visit or airport hotel. Fully inclusive packages are available to include all meals and packed lunch. Drinks are usually extra.

Please contact us for an individual offer.

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