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Moose hunting at Medstugan - Sweden

The Medstugan Hunting Lodge in Jämtland was built in 1896-97, and is located at the heart of 16,500 hectares and is the starting point for our hunts. Over the years, Medstugan has attracted both royalty and foreign big game hunters and there is a real sense of hunting tradition in Medstugan’ s walls – hunters have stayed here for over a century and a trophy cabinet bears witness to how hunting was conducted in the early 1900s.

We hunt moose on 16,000 contiguous hectares of private, road less mountain terrain. Our hunting grounds have an exceptionally good moose population, not least large bulls; an annual harvest of more than 50 animals describes the size of the population. Moose hunting starts on the first Monday of September. You can combie this hunt with walked up Snow Grouse Shooting.

Driven Moose hunts - For a successful driven hunt, the group should be around 10 people. Depending on the wind and weather, we may choose to hunt with the dogs loose or leashed, or a combination of the two. The dog handlers and the dogs drive the moose towards the waiting guns. We strive to hunt in several areas each day, so that the hunters do not have to wait too long. We have around 120 shooting positions on our grounds, with no need for high seats as all the positions are beautifully located with excellent views.

Traditional Moose hunts - Our most exclusive hunting product is our 1+1 hunt with a barking dog; you and a guide hunt alone over large area. The dog searches widely to locate a moose, and when it makes contact it barks rhythmically to hold the moose at bay. Few types of hunting provide such an adrenaline boost, as sometimes you get so close you can hear the moose breathing. In some occasions we have to use helicopter to get far into the pathless mountains. 

Walk up Grouse shooting - Hunting Grouse using pointing dogs is an old, traditional hunting method that was introduced to Great Britain and the continent in the early to mid-1800s. Medstugan has been a popular place for game bird hunts for over a century. We offer grouse hunts using pointing dogs. Hunting takes place on the open mountainsides or in the surrounding forests of mountain birch. We can host groups of varying sizes, but to 2-3 people per guide during the hunt is ideal. This hunting method requires a great deal of walking in the mountains, but the breathtaking views mean you soon forget that you are also getting some exercise. The hunting season starts on 25 August and we recommend two to three days of hunting.

The Medstugan Lodge offers space for up to 12 guests. Breakfast and dinner are eaten in one of our two dining rooms. The day’s hunting stories are best told around the fire in the drawing room, while the lodge’s sauna is wonderful for relaxing in after an exciting and demanding hunt.

We have two hunting cabins on our land in addition to Medstugan. These are more basic but remain welcoming, with wood-burners and outside toilets. Meals are delivered daily, so you can enjoy high-class food that our chef prepared at the lodge. It is possible to hunt grouse right up to the eaves of the cabins – and you won’t find accommodation that’s closer to nature or the hunt!

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Hard Facts

Hunting Areas
16.000 ha  

Best for
Moose & Snow Grouse 

Hunting season
September - October 

Private Lodge


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