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Trophy Moose Bull Hunting in Nort Sweden

Hunt Gold Medal Moose in Lapland - Sweden

Moose Hunting Adventure Sweden

We offer one of Lapland, Sweden’s broadest and most advanced hunting programs, where quality and professionalism are the keywords. We have lifelong experience of hunting, and our well-trained guides are a professional guarantee of a successful adventure. Our programme offers exclusive hunting grounds all over Lapland, Sweden with a high standard of accommodation and generous range of alternative activities. Naturally we can help you turn your hunting dreams into reality.”

The Moose Hunt 

Our partner offers an exclusive moose hunting adventure in the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland. We have long standing ties and deeply founded relationships with the local community. This hunt takes place on hunting grounds previously not accessible to outsiders. A unique trophy moose hunt in terrain traditionally only hunted by a few local hunters and the Sami. This hunting adventure can only take place once a year and for a limited number of days. It promises a hunting experience of true depth.

We hunt moose with specially trained free-running dogs that work independently and hold the moose at bay, so that the hunter can stalk and get into position to shoot. During the moose mating season, we hunt by calling. This method is the best if you are looking for bulls. The season starts in September and ends in November. Normally the best time is the end of September and the first half of October, when the bulls are easier to call.

The Capercaillie & Black Grouse Winter Hunt

We are offering an outstanding "stalk hunt" with cross-country skis in Swedish Lapland. This hunt is a challenge for every hunter - the ultimate hunt for the great Capercaillie and Black Grouse. We slowly stalk trough the beautiful winter landscape using wooden skies that carry us on the deep snow layer, scoping and searching for the big black Capercaillie.

The unique environment of our hunting grounds offers a forest setting abundant in birds and vast mountain areas, a natural habitat of the great Capercaillie and the Black Grouse. 

Depending on the time in the year we can also hunt Willow Grouse…


Our base camps are some of Lapland´s few remaining well-preserved mountain farms. They are beautifully situated in age-old pine forests on the edge of the high mountains in a truly grand and captivating landscape.

After each day hunting, we serve local delicacies in a wood heated sauna. In the evening, we gather together for dinner in the kitchen. We cook local food from Lapland, using only the best game and fish ingredients paired with world class wines.

Please contact us for an individual program!

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Hunting Areas
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Best for
Moose, Capercaillie & Black Grouse 

Hunting season
September - February  

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Moose Hunting Sweden

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