Roe Buck Hunting in Spain, France & Sweden

Hunt strong Roe Bucks in Europe

Roe Buck Hunting Spain, France & Sweden

The roe deer is one of the largest game species in Europe, and hunting Roe Bucks is a very special experience. In all areas this is a walking and stalking hunt during most of the season while during the rut we try to call them in…

We are offering Roe Buck hunting in three countries with very good partners…


Famous for its food, wine and culture, France offers also a rich history of almost two thousand years of hunting. Blessed with large tracts of forests, two mountainous regions, and vast rolling agricultural lands, France provides huge areas for hunting.

Around Toulouse we have access to some of the best areas for Roe Buck hunting in south France. We are hunting in different estates from 1000 ha – 5000 ha. The amount of Roe Bucks you see every day is amazing and combined with the good food and wine of the region, this area is a perfect destination for the enthusiastic Buck hunters. Here we hunt without limit – meaning that the size will be not measured – you pay per trophy a fixed amount. Season is between June and September.


Hunting in Sweden is quite different from hunting in other European countries. The country is still full of wilderness and the forests are dense. We offer beautiful hunts in the soft agricultural country of southern Sweden in the Skane region. 

Roe Buck in this area is probably the most wanted Trophy in Europe and Sweden is considered having the best quality of bucks in Europe. Typical for the Swedish bucks is that they are not that heavy, but the antlers are very long, average length is 26 cm. We have different areas between 1000 - 4000 ha where you hunt with a professional guide. The Hunting Season starts 15th of August. 


Spain is a fantastic hunting Country for big Roe Bucks. The special climate and the available nutrition produce also some of the biggest Roe Bucks in Europe. Castilla y León, Castilla la Mancha and Aragón are the territories with the best genetics and every year we harvest some exceptional trophies in these areas and currently, Castilla la Mancha holds the #1 roe buck of all times with a total score of 250 CIC points and 925 gr.

The best time for hunting big Bucks is during the months of April and May, right at the beginning of the season and the second one between July 25th and the first week of August during the rutting season.


We make use of a wide range of different  accommodation, from cosy self-catering Guesthouses and country hotels to traditional hunting lodges or sumptuous castles.

There is a residence to suit every budget. Accommodation is provided in a location near the hunting areas for not wasting time with long traveling… Fully inclusive packages are available to include all meals and packed lunch. 

Please contact us for an individual package.

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